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Cresswell June Newsletter | Vertigo, What is it?


Vertigo causes dizziness.  Many times this inconvenience can be corrected with physical therapy.

When your doctor tells you that your vertigo problem is a treatable condition, a physical therapist can teach you the specialized exercises that reduce dizziness.  These odd looking exercises promote more normalized function of the portion of the ear contributing to balance, called the semicircular canals.  

The exercises are scientifically based and, when done properly, can prevent the return of vertigo.  Most patients suffering from dizzy spells will do everything they can to make it go away, for good.

While recovering from vertigo, avoid postures that cause dizziness whenever possible.  Looking up, such as looking up toward the top shelf of a grocery isle, can cause dizziness.  Try this strategy to avoid triggering vertigo:  

  1. Align your feet in a walkstand stance, that is with one foot [for example your right] comfortably placed in front of your back [left] foot.  
  2. Allow your back [left] knee to bend so that it tilts your hips, midsection, and head slightly upwards.  Stabilize through the upper neck by performing a gentle chin tuck that tightens the muscles just underneath the chin.  
  3. If you must position your head to look at an even higher shelf, or to look at the ceiling, then slightly arch the low back, squeeze the shoulder blades together, and maintain the chin tuck posture while attempting to look upwards by keeping your neck in a neutral and midline position. Tightening the hip muscles help stabilize the low back region.

Practice this movement pattern a couple of times so it becomes natural and easy to recruit the entire body segment when needing to look up.  Avoiding dizziness, particularly when you are on your own, must be avoided at all costs!
See your doctor to determine if physical therapy could help your vertigo.  For more information on mind and body wellness, contact Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation, Inc.  We have a satellite clinic located inside Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Center as well as our main facility at 2449 Court Street, downtown Redding.  Most Insurance’s Accepted. Call us for an appointment now, (530)2447686.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga in The Studio

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Summer Hot Yoga will run for 12 weeks on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm from June 7th through August 23rd.
Pricing: 12 week session $79
10 session punch card $80
5 session punch card $60

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Flexibility –

The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of

personal flexibility in your postures.

Strength –

Hot yoga is low impact and uses muscles you

didn’t know you had. The prime focus is on spine

strength which is key to a long healthy life.

Cardio –

Yes, cardio! Your heart works the same way doing

yoga postures in a heated room as it does when

you run without leaving your mat!

Detox –

The heat helps you stretch more and get cardio,

but also makes you SWEAT! The more you sweat,

the more you detoxify your muscles,

organs and glands.

Focus –

Yoga practice gives you the opportunity to focus on

breath and body in your poses. The ability to focus

carries over to your daily life.


Wilderness Workshop with Wild Beginnings Adventure Co.

Join us for a Wilderness Workshop by Wild Beginnings Adventure Co.

Intro To Summer Backpacking

Workshop: Intro to Summer Backpacking

About: Our Wilderness Workshops are great for beginning outdoor enthusiasts as well as seasoned backpackers to build their outdoor community or reconnect with new equipment, techniques and ideas on where to go.

Date: Saturday, June 3rd

Time: 8:30am

Location: Sun Oaks Tennis & Fitness Upstairs Studio


$10 for members and $12 for non-members. Email to register!

Mother’s Day Yoga

Mother’s Day Yoga

Start your Mother’s Day Weekend off right with a 75 minute rest and restorative Yoga Practice with Malia. Your practice will begin at noon and will be followed up by mimosas and goodies. 

Saturday, May 13th at Noon

Meets in The Studio.

Members: $25

Non-members: $45

Sign Up

A special Kids Day Out is being offered during our Mother’s Day Yoga, from 12-2 for $5. Email to reserve your child’s spot!

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Cresswell May Newsletter | Springtime Morning Stretches



After a good night’s sleep, awaken to the sunny spring mornings with gentle body stretches.

All of us use the same groups of muscles to function during the course of our day.  Legs, back, arms, and hand muscles benefit from a morning wakeup routine.  

While standing at your teeth brushing sink, perform toe raises.  Rise up onto your tippy toes 10 times each leg, slowly.  This exercise readies the body for walking and awakens the multitude of balance receptors located in the foot and ankle.  Nimble feet promote efficient walking and improved balance.  

Stretch your back muscles by lying on your back and ultimately raising your knee to your chest and squeeze the knee toward the chest slowly.  Return the leg to the floor.  Repeat with the other leg.  Inhale as you alternate and move legs.  Exhale as you squeeze your knee into your chest.  Repeat 10 times for each leg.

The arm and hand muscles benefit from a morning workout of wall pushups or even regular floor pushups.  Glide the shoulder blades forward and away from the spinal column while you perform the pushup.  This ensures that you are incorporating the most important shoulder muscle groups while you perform the pushup.  Wall or floor pushups are best done in repetitions of 10.  Do them slowly and coordinate your breathing pattern with your exertions.

Moving the body through this springtime morning routine will ensure the smooth operation of your physical vessel throughout the day.  Additionally, research has shown that a morning stretch routine also helps clarity and alertness in thinking.

For more information on mind and body wellness, contact Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation, Inc.  We have a satellite clinic located inside Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Center as well as our main facility at 2449 Court Street, downtown Redding.  Most Insurance Accepted. Call us for an appointment now, (530)2447686.