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TeamRX Training

Join TeamRX!

Train your body in a NEW way using suspension TRX.  BOOST your metabolism with cardio teamwork while BUILDING strength using the TRX along with a variety of other exercises and equipment.

Join Deborah and DeAna in the basketball gym on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

$99 for 6 weeks

Register online or email


Get TOUGH, get TIGHT and get TONED with TeamRX!

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Wilderness Workshop: Backcountry Cooking

Join us for a Wilderness Workshop by Wild Beginnings Adventure Co.

Backcountry Cooking


Workshop: Backcountry Cooking.

About: Tips, tricks, and the basics for amazing meals and drinks in the backcountry. Wine or beer and recipes are included in the cost of the workshop.

Date: Thursday, July 13th

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Sun Oaks Tennis & Fitness Upstairs Studio

$12 for members and $15 for non-members. Email to register!



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Beginner Wheelchair Tennis Clinic

Beginner Wheelchair Tennis Clinic

Are you interested in playing an inclusive family sport? Athletes that are able-bodied and athletes that use wheelchairs can play singles and doubles together!

Contact Cresswell Physical Therapy for more information: 530-244-7686


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Cresswell July Newsletter | Thank You Teachers


I see you teachers, struggling to get report cards out on time.  I watch you take on greater and greater responsibilities that keep the students, parents, staff, and campus organized and happy.   I watch you continue to pursue perfection in ensuring that you pass along smart students to your friends at work who will be teaching them next year.

We in the community that forget to say thanks (or don’t have the opportunity to say thanks) would like to thank you very much.  A job well done! Over the course of this school year, you assisted students to better learn how to learn.  You taught them the best way you could think of for them to problem solve in their own unique style of learning.  Most importantly, you stimulated an interest in curiosity and an interest in learning.  Hats off to you! Now it’s your turn to rest and restore.

During the first couple weeks of your summer break, you would do well to change up your routine to offer yourself a well needed brain refresh break from the Monday to Friday steady state that has been a part of your life for the past 10 months.  

You’ll know you’re through the restorative and reparative phase when you begin to develop an interest in resuming hobbies and enjoyable activities.  Keep exercise at the top of your list.  Make this a priority, “to do”.  Yoga stretches in the morning, or a mid morning walk, an afternoon bicycle ride, or early evening in the gym need to make it in to your daily program.

Sun Oaks is the place for you this summer. Try the group fitness workouts, whether you get active and more out of life through Group Active or try out Group Power, it’s you hour of power or Group Fight that is a gripping hour that burns a ton of calories. You can always redefine yourself with Group Centergy, or discover new heights with Group Blast, or get your ride on with Group Ride, or get fitter in only 30 minutes with R30, as well as Yoga and Group Core.

The fastest way to shift your mind and body into “summer mode” is through a mini health regimen, incorporating daily exercise and healthy foods.  With this in place, then begin planning your camping, visiting, wine tasting, festival going, drives in the country, or travels to foreign lands. With you relaxed and happy, it can all occur from an inner place of calmness and self-assurance.  

Even planning a road trip can feel restorative and fun when your body has had sufficient time to replenish from the mental and physical demands of your job as educator for 10 months of the year.

To keep your summertime healthy and happy, contact us at Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation. We have a physical therapy office inside Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness. Call us at our downtown office location to set up on appointment at 530-244-7686. We accept most Medical insurance.

Cresswell June Newsletter | Vertigo, What is it?


Vertigo causes dizziness.  Many times this inconvenience can be corrected with physical therapy.

When your doctor tells you that your vertigo problem is a treatable condition, a physical therapist can teach you the specialized exercises that reduce dizziness.  These odd looking exercises promote more normalized function of the portion of the ear contributing to balance, called the semicircular canals.  

The exercises are scientifically based and, when done properly, can prevent the return of vertigo.  Most patients suffering from dizzy spells will do everything they can to make it go away, for good.

While recovering from vertigo, avoid postures that cause dizziness whenever possible.  Looking up, such as looking up toward the top shelf of a grocery isle, can cause dizziness.  Try this strategy to avoid triggering vertigo:  

  1. Align your feet in a walkstand stance, that is with one foot [for example your right] comfortably placed in front of your back [left] foot.  
  2. Allow your back [left] knee to bend so that it tilts your hips, midsection, and head slightly upwards.  Stabilize through the upper neck by performing a gentle chin tuck that tightens the muscles just underneath the chin.  
  3. If you must position your head to look at an even higher shelf, or to look at the ceiling, then slightly arch the low back, squeeze the shoulder blades together, and maintain the chin tuck posture while attempting to look upwards by keeping your neck in a neutral and midline position. Tightening the hip muscles help stabilize the low back region.

Practice this movement pattern a couple of times so it becomes natural and easy to recruit the entire body segment when needing to look up.  Avoiding dizziness, particularly when you are on your own, must be avoided at all costs!
See your doctor to determine if physical therapy could help your vertigo.  For more information on mind and body wellness, contact Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation, Inc.  We have a satellite clinic located inside Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Center as well as our main facility at 2449 Court Street, downtown Redding.  Most Insurance’s Accepted. Call us for an appointment now, (530)2447686.