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Wilderness Workshop with Wild Beginnings Adventure Co.

Join us for a Wilderness Workshop by Wild Beginnings Adventure Co.

Intro To Summer Backpacking

Workshop: Intro to Summer Backpacking

About: Our Wilderness Workshops are great for beginning outdoor enthusiasts as well as seasoned backpackers to build their outdoor community or reconnect with new equipment, techniques and ideas on where to go.

Date: Saturday, June 3rd

Time: 8:30am

Location: Sun Oaks Tennis & Fitness Upstairs Studio


$10 for members and $12 for non-members. Email to register!

Mother’s Day Yoga

Mother’s Day Yoga

Start your Mother’s Day Weekend off right with a 75 minute rest and restorative Yoga Practice with Malia. Your practice will begin at noon and will be followed up by mimosas and goodies. 

Saturday, May 13th at Noon

Meets in The Studio.

Members: $25

Non-members: $45

Sign Up

A special Kids Day Out is being offered during our Mother’s Day Yoga, from 12-2 for $5. Email to reserve your child’s spot!

Download (PDF, 147KB)


Cresswell May Newsletter | Springtime Morning Stretches



After a good night’s sleep, awaken to the sunny spring mornings with gentle body stretches.

All of us use the same groups of muscles to function during the course of our day.  Legs, back, arms, and hand muscles benefit from a morning wakeup routine.  

While standing at your teeth brushing sink, perform toe raises.  Rise up onto your tippy toes 10 times each leg, slowly.  This exercise readies the body for walking and awakens the multitude of balance receptors located in the foot and ankle.  Nimble feet promote efficient walking and improved balance.  

Stretch your back muscles by lying on your back and ultimately raising your knee to your chest and squeeze the knee toward the chest slowly.  Return the leg to the floor.  Repeat with the other leg.  Inhale as you alternate and move legs.  Exhale as you squeeze your knee into your chest.  Repeat 10 times for each leg.

The arm and hand muscles benefit from a morning workout of wall pushups or even regular floor pushups.  Glide the shoulder blades forward and away from the spinal column while you perform the pushup.  This ensures that you are incorporating the most important shoulder muscle groups while you perform the pushup.  Wall or floor pushups are best done in repetitions of 10.  Do them slowly and coordinate your breathing pattern with your exertions.

Moving the body through this springtime morning routine will ensure the smooth operation of your physical vessel throughout the day.  Additionally, research has shown that a morning stretch routine also helps clarity and alertness in thinking.

For more information on mind and body wellness, contact Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation, Inc.  We have a satellite clinic located inside Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Center as well as our main facility at 2449 Court Street, downtown Redding.  Most Insurance Accepted. Call us for an appointment now, (530)2447686.

Cresswell April Newsletter| Tips For Zealous Spring Gardeners


April showers bring May flowers… as the poem goes.

April also brings out the weekend gardener speeding to mix the backyard soil with fertile agents before the hard un-diggable dirt of dry summer months.  Weeding, tilling, planting, lugging hoses and carrying all kinds of heavy stuff tend to be the Saturday and Sunday routine of many Sun Oaks members. This “hard physical labor” usually occurs in-between workouts at the club and start-up tennis team practices.

Sun Oaks members need to remember to balance their gardening chores with the rest of their work and play activities. Furious flower bed repairs and time sensitive vegetable garden preparation involves the use of muscles and joints that have not been used in that specific way for some time!  Even if you do workout regularly, the twisting and reaching to trim that farthest branch can result in soreness the next day.


For as long as I’ve had my physical therapy practice in Redding (March 1992 was our open house), I have dreaded Spring because so many of my patients flair themselves up by excessively gardening this time of year. “How’s your back today?” I ask my near-ready for discharge patient after his 2nd week of PT. “It felt great on Friday, but then my wife and I put in a new perimeter around the garden…” You know the rest of the story.


Back to basics for my back pain patient and for you, active Sun Oaks member.



G – Grab some water, lemonade or ice tea and plan on brief beverage breaks every 30-40 minutes.

A – Always position your feet within the same line as the movement of your body. Never twist.

R – Reach carefully. Reposition yourself rather than overstretch.

D – Discover products on the market aimed to ease strain, such as knee pads for prolonged kneeling.

E – Ensure lifting and carrying heavy objects is within your comfortable limit. Keep weights low!

N – Never bend at the waist. Promise yourself this one tip to ensure prevention of pain the next day.


At Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation we know that you want to stay active. Our philosophy is to keep you in the rhythm of your life. Where ever possible, we use your favorite sport, hobby, or activity as our therapeutic medium to help you heal. Rather than avoid activity, we encourage the right kind of activity for you to recover from injury and meet your goals.

Call us at our main office in downtown Redding and we can schedule you an appointment now. We have an office inside Sun Oaks and at 2449 Court Street. Most medical insurances are accepted. Call 244-7686 for more tips on keeping you active and healthy this Spring.