Cresswell July Newsletter | Independence | Redding Gym

Cresswell July Newsletter | Independence | Redding Gym

Cresswell July Newsletter | Independence

July 2018 –  SunOaks Newsletter


Gaining independence after injury is a natural desire for all of us.  Don’t leave a stone unturned to get the best results.

Everything you do becomes an agent of fast healing.  Everything matters.  What you do, how you act, and how you move matters.

WHAT YOU DO – Continue to do what you enjoy doing, but mentally rehearse it in advance.  Figure out ways of breaking down chores, work tasks, hobbies and athletics in manageable bits while you heal.  Tennis, gardening, fishing and aerobic conditioning can all be enjoyed with modifications as you heal.

HOW YOU ACT – How you act when you feel pain is important.  Pain that remains steady even 20-30 minutes after ceasing the aggravating activity, suggest you over did it.  Oops.  Good information for next time.  While you rest and ice, consider how you could do that same activity in a less intense way to promote healing.

HOW YOU MOVE – How you move is the trick.  You can move your muscles slowly or quickly.  You can move your joints a little bit or a lot.  Controlling the speed and amount of movement at the healing site is the trick.  The good news is, that the sensation of discomfort/pain will be felt far before any possible further damage.

Take your time to heal fully and completely.  Let Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation help you get back on track.  When you’re ready, we can help you transition back to your favorite program at Sun Oaks.  Most medical insurance accepted. Call our office at 530-244-7686.   

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