Cresswell November Newsletter - Nimble | Redding Gym

Cresswell November Newsletter - Nimble | Redding Gym

Cresswell November Newsletter – Nimble



Right brain/ left brain – The complexity of brain development.

When we are first born, the brain is very general in its response to the world. As we mature, the brain becomes more specialized. The specialized sectors of the brain allow for greater and greater mental precision and the body develops greater physical coordination.

Brain specialization is a part of normal maturation. Gradually, the right side of the brain, or right hemisphere, develops different functions than the left. They each develop their own “specialization” of brain function and they all have to work together.

Right Brain Hemisphere

The right brain is involved in processing nonverbal communication. It allows us to read facial expressions and to recognize faces. The tone of speech and the emotions conveyed through these tones are processed in the right hemisphere. Mothers communicate to their infants principally through these types of nonverbal interactions, in order to reach their infant’s right hemisphere.

Left Brain Hemisphere

The left hemisphere is for organizing, judging, and critically analyzing events in the external environment. The left brain thrives on multitasking and, left unchecked, can perform excessive thinking, analyzing, criticizing, calculating and catastrophizing on an ongoing basis. It is the left brain that sets up the continuous mental activity inside the head.

Strategies (Mind Games)

1. Set guidelines for catastrophic thinking.

Designate a specific time of day when the left brain is allowed its storytelling and excessive thinking. The      time of day must have a start and stop time.

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