Aqua Fitness | Redding Gym

Aqua Fitness | Redding Gym


Sun Oaks offers a variety of classes in the pool for everyone, from water walking to athletic interval training!

Total AquaFit – Total Aqua is a 50 minute complete body workout. During this class you will be utilizing different pool toys; hand buoy’s, noodles, sliders, tubing and various other creative tools to get a cardiovascular workout with added resistance for gaining lean muscle mass.

AquaFit – AquaFit is a full body 45 minute exercise class. We will be using hand buoy’s and noodles during this class to assist in muscle strengthening. During this class there will be many options given for those who need less impact due to injury and general health concerns.

Aqua Tabata –  This shallow water aquatic exercise workout combines water jogging with intense Tabata drills. If your body hurts when you are doing intense workouts on land – then it is time to get in the water and unload your inner athlete!

Aqua Zenergy – Connect mindful movement with energetic movement using an interval format! Almost 3 minutes is dedicated to aqua movement patterns, and 1.5 minutes is dedicated to mindful, flowing yoga and Pilates-based exercises to enhance body awareness, range of motion and core stability. This combination makes for a fun and unique class.