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About Personal Training

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Personal training is……

a guided workout session with a certified fitness professional. Your trainer will coach you through a program designed to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals. With a trainer your efforts will be maximized taking into consideration your lifestyle and schedule.  Whether you want to climb Kilimanjaro or hike at Lassen Park with your children and grandchildren, SO trainers have the knowledge to provide you with superb training. We know that each member is unique. We want to know where you have been so we can get you where you want to go! Schedule your complimentary fitness assessment with Director of Personal Training, Matthew Perdue, to help you with your exercise goals. You will leave your assessment with a plan for your success!

Do you need a Personal Trainer?

Are you just getting started?  Not getting results?  Having difficulty sticking to your program?

A personal trainer will teach you how to exercise correctly and safely while providing you with guidance, motivation and education.  When you schedule an appointment with a trainer, you make a commitment to yourself, a commitment that your trainer won’t let you break!

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