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Training Choices

Our mission is to provide superb training using proven techniques.
Since one size does not fit all, trainers offer one-on-one, small group and class options.
Enjoy our team approach, philosophy and camaraderie as you achieve visible results. Below is a list of the available personal training choices that are available at Sun Oaks.

There’s a wealth of opportunity at Sun Oaks, and we want the members to, not only know what is available, but how it can benefit them in their process. Most people join a gym thinking that everything else will take care of itself, but few actually understand where to start or what the best course of action is to accomplish the goals. A “consultation” is a meeting to help the New Member get started in the best direction to achieve their goals. Included in your membership.

Your body needs specific movements to function correctly. Whether it’s rehabilitation from a joint injury, re-discovering physical fitness or high-end athletes intent on maximizing speed, quickness and power, our training philosophy will establish the base your body needs for functionality. Schedule your assessment today!
Contact Matthew Perdue at 530-221-4405 or $55 per person

Strength and Conditioning Center Orientation
Sun Oaks has created a multi-functional cross-training facility designed to allow for a workout with an infinite number of exercises and combinations of exercises. Pull ups, push ups, jump rope, bench press, wall ball, power cleans, squats, box jumps, military press, dead lifts, and on and on! The SCC is a great venue for trying out new styles of training! 18 years and older.
Put more into a work out…
Want more out of a workout!!!!!!!!
Orientation Required. See the front desk to sign-up – $20 per person/1 time fee

Equipment Orientation Weight and Cardio Rooms
Basic equipment usage and safety demonstration.
See the front desk to sign-up – $20 per person

Body Composition Test
Your percentage of lean body mass to body fat provides a guide to measure your fitness and weight loss progress.
See the front desk to sign-up – $20 per person

KidFit Orientation
Kids entering 5th grade at the beginning of the FALL school year through 8th grade must have an orientation with a parent to use the weight and cardio rooms. Equipment usage is limited to approved weight and cardio machines appropriate for the age and size of the child. A lanyard must be worn and a parent present in the room during workouts.
See the front desk to sign-up – $20 per child.