Message from Jeremiah Walsh | Redding Gym

Message from Jeremiah Walsh | Redding Gym

Message from Jeremiah Walsh

Many of our members have sensed a somber mood this past week at Sun Oaks.  Last Friday one of our closest family members died in a tragic accident.  Tyler Skeete was a 16-year-old tennis player at our club.  His mother, Molly, had worked at Sun Oaks for over 10 years.  Tyler started tennis at 8 years old and was in pursuit of playing Division I tennis.

He was a straight A student and an overall exceptional human being. He was the youngest member of Team Ascension when he was younger, and grew into a team captain and leader.  Everyday was a day that Tyler maximized.  He is remembered from his teammates for his positivity, his compassion, and his example of pursuing “his best self”.

We are all doing the best we can, each grieving in our own way. Tyler meant so much to this family. Words fail to put into perspective the tremendous impact he made here at Sun Oaks, our Ascension Team, and his community.

Many of you have reached out to inquire as to how you can help support the Skeete Family, at this time. Molly, Jeff, and Danny are headed to Southern California, to be with family, until after Thanksgiving. In the meantime, a Memorial Scholarship has been established in Tyler’s name. The gofundme link is posted on our Sun Oaks website.


On a personal note, Tyler was one of the closest relationships I’ve had as a coach.  In my career, it’s rare to have such a bond.  I apologize in advance for the strain on my face and the struggle that I cannot hide.  I’ve already been approached by members who did not know the circumstances, so I’m sure that I must not be showing the best of myself in this.  We all are praying for the Skeete family as they come to grips with their loss, and should anything come up in the future that we can do, I will be sure to ask on their behalf.

Thank you all so much for your outpouring of love and support as we navigate this difficult loss within our community.


Jeremiah Walsh

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