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Specialty Programs | Redding Gym

Specialty Programs

We continuously strive to bring programs to our members to help them towards thier goals – whatever they may be!

Run Better

Run Better is designed to help people who run any variety of distance to improve their performance and ensure longevity in their sport.

You will benefit from:

Strengthening underdeveloped muscles like hamstrings & lower back.

Stretching and recovery for overdeveloped muscles like the quads.

Stabilization using the stability ball and bosu.

Begins March 1st (no class the week of the 15th) 

Mon/Wed @ 6:00pm


Sign up online. In person or Zoom.



4 weeks o targeted glute work plus core strength in just 30 minutes. Burn calories – build booty.

Monday/Wednesday @ 4:15pm

Tuesday/Thursday @ 12:30pm

$69 or 4 weeks. Starts February 9th.

Pair it with an R30 class for a total booty and leg burn!

Want to join us rom home? Booty:30 will be on Zoom!




An exercise program designed for deconditioned to moderately fit seniors.

What is PreHab?  

Short for “Prehabilitation”, PreHab is designed to prepare individuals for elective surgery and recovery.  

Why PreHab?

Studies show that the time needed to return to functional life is dramatically reduced for the patients who prepare their bodies for the healing process.  As an added bonus, prehabilitation has also been shown to increase strength, endurance, mobility, and may also lower the risk of falls – which is the leading cause of injury among Seniors.


Specializing in core strength, balance, and Eccentric control of the legs, Prehab can also help you with your daily activities, favorite hobbies, and beloved sport.  Impress your doctors – Learn the best way to increase function and decrease time spent immobilized.


MW January 18th – February 10th 8 meetings

6:15am Moderately Fit Seniors

7:00am Deconditioned Seniors

Join in person or by Zoom

Foam Roller

Learn myofacial release techniques from Nancy in this foam roller workshop.

Treat your body right and roll it out!

Sign up online or email nancy@sunoaks.com

Tuesdays @ 8:00am
Wednesdays @ 6:00pm

$34.50 $44.50/non-member

4 weeks starting Feb 16/17th
Join in house or Zoom!

Yoga for Knees

Join us on Saturday Feb 27th for a workshop where we will learn and practice accessible yoga postures and therapies for posterior chain function. This workshop is designed for all levels of practice to help alleviate knee discomforts by working on opening the surrounding joints. 

The back of our bodies often need more or different attention than the front of our bodies in any sort of movement practice. Whether it be your strength training regimen, sport or yoga practice. Your knee pain could very easily be the result of a strength imbalance between your quads and hamstrings/glutes (the front and back muscles of the upper leg, respectively). In fact, poor posterior chain function is practically an epidemic in our desk-bound modern world. 

Spending a time focusing exclusively on strengthening those backside muscles could possibly lead to a dramatic reduction in knee pain, not to mention a bigger booty. (And who doesn’t want a bigger booty?!) 

Belly Dancing

Learn tribal style belly dancing including posture, moves, cues and percussion. Belly dancing improves grace, balance, self esteem and overall posture all while burning calories!

Mondays @ 5:30pm March 8, 15, 22, 29 (4 sessions)
$40/members and $50/non-members. Zoom available!

8 week season begins April 5th – Mondays @ 5:30pm 
$69/members and $85/non-members. Zoom available!


Email Kerry at blackwidowbellydance@gmail.com