Specialty Programs | Redding Gym

Specialty Programs | Redding Gym

Specialty Programs

We continuously strive to bring programs to our members to help them towards thier goals – whatever they may be!

Water WOD

Your favorite HIIT style exercises coupled with low impact swimming cardio intervals.


Starts June 2nd!



4 weeks o targeted glute work plus core strength in just 30 minutes. Burn calories – build booty.

Monday/Wednesday @ 4:15pm

Tuesday/Thursday @ 12:30pm

$69 or 4 weeks. 





An exercise program designed for deconditioned to moderately fit seniors.

What is PreHab?  

Short for “Prehabilitation”, PreHab is designed to prepare individuals for elective surgery and recovery.  

Why PreHab?

Studies show that the time needed to return to functional life is dramatically reduced for the patients who prepare their bodies for the healing process.  As an added bonus, prehabilitation has also been shown to increase strength, endurance, mobility, and may also lower the risk of falls – which is the leading cause of injury among Seniors.


Specializing in core strength, balance, and Eccentric control of the legs, Prehab can also help you with your daily activities, favorite hobbies, and beloved sport.  Impress your doctors – Learn the best way to increase function and decrease time spent immobilized.

Belly Dancing

Learn tribal style belly dancing including posture, moves, cues and percussion. Belly dancing improves grace, balance, self esteem and overall posture all while burning calories!

Mondays @ 5:30pm March 8, 15, 22, 29 (4 sessions)
$40/members and $50/non-members. Zoom available!

8 week season begins April 5th – Mondays @ 5:30pm 
$69/members and $85/non-members. Zoom available!


Email Kerry at blackwidowbellydance@gmail.com