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Body Mind Retreat

sun-oaks-faviconSun Oaks Body Mind Retreat

Saturday, April 2nd

8am to 12:30pm

Take one class or several! Try BootCamp or Tribe Team Training

Retreat Schedule

-Randy will be giving 5 minute massages and myofascial release treatments

-Always wondered about metabolic detox? Ask Adam Meyer, DC!

-Roots Juice Bar will be here!

Seminar: The Body Mind Connection | 12-12:30pm

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presented by Suzanne Cresswell, OT, PT, CHT, Certified Ergonomist

-Recognition of Self – More than acceptance. Recognition of self implies an intelligent inquiry into the body & mind

-Mindful attention of the invisible and secret operating instructions of the human vessel

-Balance – physically, cognitively, sustainability


Testimonial: Tribe Life

Today I finished my 6 week, twice a week season of Tribe Life. In our final 35 minute workout, I completed 134 push-ups all on my toes! I have always done weight lifting and cardio, but I have gained so much more strength and stamina doing Tribe Life. We are all challenged and encouraged by Brooke to push ourselves that little bit more. The class always fills me with energy, gives me a positive attitude for the day. I have awoken muscles I didn’t know I had. Plus I have never seen my husband below 200 lbs, 192 lbs and looking so good! I actually only started Tribe Life to encourage my husband, Dan, but I ended up seeing myself grow immensely. I love that I get strength training, Cardio and stretching all in 35 minutes. I love the weighted viper and body weight exercises, and it’s fun to be a part of a team that encourages each other to do our best! For anyone who wants to reshape their body and meet great friends, I highly recommend Tribe Life. Looking forward to trying Tribe Fit and Tribe Punch too!

Thanks Brooke!

Laurie Ryan

Cresswell January Newsletter

Making Time for Fitness

Face it, you have children, you have work, and you have a schedule that makes you tired just to THINK about it. It seems as if there just are not enough hours in the day. So how in the world are you going to continue to workout during the all of this rush?

First – you need to make your fitness a priority. I know there are a million other very important things going on in your life, but value the investment that you have already made in your health, and maintain some type of fitness even throughout hectic times. If you cannot workout everyday, exercising two to three times per week at a higher intensity will enable you to maintain your current level of fitness for up to three weeks. Inactivity, however, will smash your fitness level and make your return to the gym a less pleasant experience. Once you decide that continuing an exercise program is important, you need to figure out how to make it happen. An important part of maintaining a fitness program is to recognize that you can exercise anywhere. Are you traveling? Pack your sneakers and go for a walk or jog wherever you end up. Crunches are pushups are easy ways to maintain your strength training when you are away from the gym.

Here are 10 ways to exercise without even realizing it:

  1. Park your car farther away. The more steps you take during the day, the more exercise you’re getting.
  2. Go Dancing. You’d be surprised how many calories dancing can burn.
  3. Participate in a charity walk or bike ride. There are bound to be several near you and most cater to all fitness levels.
  4. Play with your kids. Trying to keep up with them is sure to burn calories!
  5. Take the stairs. If possible, walk up the stairs at work or in your apartment.
  6. Lift your legs at work. While sitting in your chair at work or at home watching TV, simply raise your legs in front of you and hold for 15-30 seconds at a time.
  7. Squeeze a stress ball. Buy a stress ball that you can squeeze while you’re at work or watching television.  Doing so will improve your blood flow, flexibility, burn calories and relieve tension!
  8. Stretch or ride your exercise bike while watching television.
  9. Walk around your office or outside during lunch.
  10. Do some chores. Working in the garden, raking leaves, sweeping the floor…these kinds of activities may not be ‘vigorous’ exercise, but they can keep you moving while getting your house in order.


Finally – Reap the benefits of making some time for fitness. Sun Oaks has many workout programs available that can fit into your schedule. Maintaining your fitness routine will allow you a bit of time for yourself. Even 20 – 30 minutes of exercise in your day will help you to remember that your health is important, and that YOU are important. In addition to burning calories while you are working out, you will probably find that when you feel better about your activity for the day you will eat better as well. Remember: Your health is truly priceless so don’t stop investing in it!

Stay healthy and keep on the court by avoiding injuries.  You can do it.  We can help.

At Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation we accept most medical insurances and we have very reasonable rates for those of you preferring a fee for service program.  Call us now, we specialize in adult and young adult sports related injuries. Our office is inside Sun Oaks as well as a large facility on Court Street.

Call 530-244-7686.

Testimonial: Tribe Punch

I am finishing up my first session of Tribe Punch with David Schauer. I have been a client of David’s for a year now and was in his WOD class before joining Tribe. I was initially unsure about Tribe Punch because I have a somewhat passive personality and did not think that boxing or kickboxing would be my thing. Because I wanted to stay with my amazing trainer and was fearful of losing the strength I have gained with David, I reluctantly signed up for Tribe Punch. What an amazing experience! I actually had fun, gained even more strength, improved my endurance and met new friends! David took the time to show us all the techniques of Punch and even worked out with us, running up and down that gym, encouraging us along the way. After two weeks, I was hooked! Every workout was different with stations that included core work, cardio and strength building. I found after I gained confidence that I loved the one on one session with the coach and comradery with my team. It is competitive in that scores are kept and the team member with the highest amount of repetitions for all the exercises is deemed the winner of that night. I personally would just compete with myself for my personal best, but the scoring gave me a benchmark of where I felt I could, or should be. I found that this training program challenged me physically and mentally, and provided a fun change to the workouts I had become comfortable with. The program is well worth the investment! I plan on trying another Tribe class and then probably returning again to Tribe Punch for more! Thank you for bringing Tribe Fitness to Sun Oaks!

Lynn Holmquist

Cresswell July Newsletter


Mid summer heat, school vacation, and travel plans during this time of year challenge all of us to maintain our personal health program.  Increased temperature, change in routine and novel travel adventures all provide positive stress to our mind and body.  Positive stress helps us grow and mature.  Positive stress is experienced as a joyful sense of purpose to all of our actions.

Maintain your health during this time of year by attention to diet and exercise.  Tolerance to high temperatures is greatly improved with improved health.  Increase your water intake, enjoy raw fresh fruits and vegetables and participate in daily activities.  Strengthening muscles, stretching joints, and incorporating cardiovascular training on a daily basis is essential to fully enjoying the summer months. Get plenty of sleep. Insufficient sleep increases your susceptibility to heat illness. White or other light clothing reflects solar radiation (which can readily heat you up). Use a single layer of loose fitting, lightweight cotton/polyester blend rather than 100% cotton or tightly woven nylon.

If injury or pain prevents you from daily exercise, consider a physical therapy evaluation to advise or specify methods to help you heal and keep you active.  Cresswell Physical Therapy is located inside Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Center and we have an office in downtown Redding.  Call 244 7686 anytime for an appointment.  Most medical insurances are acceptable.  Enjoy the heat of the summer, keep active, and stay healthy and cool.