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Cresswell March Newsletter | Back Pain and Sports Therapy

Back Pain and Sports Therapy

The best treatment for back pain caused by sports related injury is prevention.  Prevention is easier than you think.  Usually good technique for any sport will minimize your potential for injury or back pain.  Talk to your trainer, coach, or instructor if what you are doing feels awkward.  If your tennis game, cycling routine, or lap swimming feels “off,” you would benefit from slowing down, getting good advice, and ensuring your movement pattern feels smooth and symmetrical.  Any feelings of awkwardness are usually an early warning sign that something you are doing is placing an asymmetric load on your joints and muscle tissues.  The awkward asymmetry will cause muscles to overwork.  In tennis, your back may be hurting due to an inconsistent ball toss on serving.  Back pain during swimming can sometimes relate to diminished shoulder mobility and the accentuated need to arch through the spine in order to achieve the front crawl motion.  Cycling with the pedals malaligned can cause back pain from excessive hip flexion.  Talk to your coach about preventing injury through relieving any awkward component of your sport.  

Physical therapy can teach you back strengthening exercises that will keep your muscles nimble, strong, and agile to coordinate actions for all your sports.  Strong back muscles, together with a strong “core” are almost a full guarantee that back pain can be prevented.  Core strength will improve your performance in the pool, on the tennis court, cycling, or in the gym.  Contact us at Cresswell Physical Therapy and we can assist back injury prevention in order to ensure your ongoing and long-term enjoyment of sports and exercise.  Most medical insurance is accepted.  Call for an appointment at 244-7686.  

Cresswell January Newsletter

Making Time for Fitness

Face it, you have children, you have work, and you have a schedule that makes you tired just to THINK about it. It seems as if there just are not enough hours in the day. So how in the world are you going to continue to workout during the all of this rush?

First – you need to make your fitness a priority. I know there are a million other very important things going on in your life, but value the investment that you have already made in your health, and maintain some type of fitness even throughout hectic times. If you cannot workout everyday, exercising two to three times per week at a higher intensity will enable you to maintain your current level of fitness for up to three weeks. Inactivity, however, will smash your fitness level and make your return to the gym a less pleasant experience. Once you decide that continuing an exercise program is important, you need to figure out how to make it happen. An important part of maintaining a fitness program is to recognize that you can exercise anywhere. Are you traveling? Pack your sneakers and go for a walk or jog wherever you end up. Crunches are pushups are easy ways to maintain your strength training when you are away from the gym.

Here are 10 ways to exercise without even realizing it:

  1. Park your car farther away. The more steps you take during the day, the more exercise you’re getting.
  2. Go Dancing. You’d be surprised how many calories dancing can burn.
  3. Participate in a charity walk or bike ride. There are bound to be several near you and most cater to all fitness levels.
  4. Play with your kids. Trying to keep up with them is sure to burn calories!
  5. Take the stairs. If possible, walk up the stairs at work or in your apartment.
  6. Lift your legs at work. While sitting in your chair at work or at home watching TV, simply raise your legs in front of you and hold for 15-30 seconds at a time.
  7. Squeeze a stress ball. Buy a stress ball that you can squeeze while you’re at work or watching television.  Doing so will improve your blood flow, flexibility, burn calories and relieve tension!
  8. Stretch or ride your exercise bike while watching television.
  9. Walk around your office or outside during lunch.
  10. Do some chores. Working in the garden, raking leaves, sweeping the floor…these kinds of activities may not be ‘vigorous’ exercise, but they can keep you moving while getting your house in order.


Finally – Reap the benefits of making some time for fitness. Sun Oaks has many workout programs available that can fit into your schedule. Maintaining your fitness routine will allow you a bit of time for yourself. Even 20 – 30 minutes of exercise in your day will help you to remember that your health is important, and that YOU are important. In addition to burning calories while you are working out, you will probably find that when you feel better about your activity for the day you will eat better as well. Remember: Your health is truly priceless so don’t stop investing in it!

Stay healthy and keep on the court by avoiding injuries.  You can do it.  We can help.

At Cresswell Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation we accept most medical insurances and we have very reasonable rates for those of you preferring a fee for service program.  Call us now, we specialize in adult and young adult sports related injuries. Our office is inside Sun Oaks as well as a large facility on Court Street.

Call 530-244-7686.

How to Login to Sun Oaks Online Services

Introducing Sun Oaks Online Services! Members can now update autopay information, view statements, update contact information, view check-ins, and register for programs all online! In order to use Sun Oaks Online Services members must use their email address to access their account online. A step-by-step picture tutorial is included to help you get started. If you have any questions, please contact our membership department.

Download (PDF, 526KB)

Tennis Player Formula for Success

Tennis Player Formula for Success 


Want to become a great tennis player? Want to improve your game in the most effective way possible? Follow this formula to rapidly improve your game and develop into a great player:

MATCHPLAY:  If you want to get good at competing in tournaments and league play, you have to practice by playing sets! Just as a fighter prepares with full contact sparring before a big fight, the tennis player must set up practice matches and become comfortable with competing. Playing practice sets and matches provide an excellent opportunity to sharpen your competitive edge, build confidence, and improve your ability to perform where it’s important… WINNING TENNIS MATCHES!!! To do something well, you must practice doing that thing. Chefs don’t become great by watching cooking shows and memorizing recipes, they actually practice the task of cooking until they can serve their dishes to mass appeal.


CLINIC: Clinic is essential to improving your game. In clinic, the coach will work with you on strengths, weaknesses, new tactics, and learned tactics.  While working on your game, you will be exposed to a variety of styles. There is no other format where you can experiment with your game during competitive play in a consequence-free environment (and you’re being coached)! Just as a basketball team will practice 3 on 1 “fastbreaks” or the “pick and roll play” over and over until it’s a guaranteed two points in the big game, you will get to practice strokes and tactics to employ in the big match. With repetition comes confidence. Clinic will give you the stroke and tactical repetitions you need, in order to build confidence and utilize in matchplay.


PRIVATE LESSONS: If your car isn’t running properly, you take it to the mechanic and get it fixed. The tennis coaches at Sun Oaks are true professionals of tennis, here to help fix the problems with your game and help further improve your strengths to keep you playing at your best. There is no substitute for one-on-one private work from a professional tennis coach who will analyze every detail of your game and help you improve. Consider all sports and the amount of detail in coaching it takes to make a professional. In football, there are passing coaches, running coaches, kicking coaches, tackling coaches, and the list goes on. In tennis, you play every position, so you must understand and be able to perform every duty (forehands, backhands, volleys, serves, tactics, & strategy). Without proper coaching, it is near impossible to master every aspect of the sport. With coaching, you’ll find a greater understanding of the sport, major improvements in your game, and a better mind-body connection within yourself that transcends the sport of tennis.

 Martin Brown | Staff Professional 

Sun Oaks Weekly Update

Happy Friday! Here is some Sun Oaks news to keep you updated on upcoming events, activities, and programs!

Kid’s Karate is on a break for the month of August. We will see all our Lil and Big Ninja’s in September!

Kettlebell Workout for the month of August – $45!!!
Try a different kind of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every aspect of fitness. It’s challenging, efficient and you only need one piece of equipment!
Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
Register at first training session.
For more information e-mail David at


• Mixed Doubles Interclub League coming this FALL. League begins the week of August 25. Sign-ups are now available in the clubhouse.
• Ever wondered about the road to become a tennis official, line judge or referee? Rookie School is coming to Sun Oaks Sunday August 10!! If you’re interested please email or sign up in the clubhouse. No tennis experience necessary.
• Professional Tennis coming to Sun Oaks September 7-14. Watch for details for how you can be involved.
• Towel Donation…please help our tournament by donating your used Bath/Beach size towels. We will use them for our on court towels. You can drop your towel donation at the front desk.

Blast more FAT in less TIME with Boot Camp

Boot Camp sign-ups are now underway for a new 6-week session beginning Tuesday August 5 at 9 am and 6 pm, and Monday August 11 at 5:30 am.

Register on the signup sheet in the lobby or by emailing
Push your body beyond its comfort zone to see incredible results by working through challenging full-body timed-interval circuits utilizing your own body weight, explosive movements, TRX training and dynamic core stabilization exercises.
Sign up for Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 am and Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am or 6 pm. Cost is $55 twice a week, $65 by adding Saturdays at 9 am.
Hurry as spaces fill up quickly.
For more information e-mail

Sun Oaks Tennis & Fitness Boot Camp Click here to see a video clip of Boot Camp!


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