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 Sun Oaks TriathaLITE

Spring Race: April 1st

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Sun Oaks is proud to host the TriathaLite series with a spring, summer and fall race. The TriathaLite is a mini-triathlon for racers of all ages and experience levels.

Race Description:

  • 275 yard swim
  • 6 mile bike ride—paved road through the scenic Clover Creek Preserve. Helmets Required.
  • 1.5 mile run/walk through the peaceful Forest Hills
  • Same day registration welcome

Race Details:

  • Check-in and same day registration.
  • 1st wave (masters)  followed by other racers at 10 minute intervals
  • Use the pool entrance on Forest Hills
  • Set-up on the outdoor basketball court
  • Bring goggles, bike and helmet, shoes, sunscreen, towels and water