Triathlon Training | Redding Gym

Triathlon Training | Redding Gym

Triathlon Training

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This could be you!

Start your training to become a Triathlete!

| The Swim |
Learn to improve your swimming skills using the Total Immersion Method. You will learn how
to apply your power and strength into the water while keeping your core stabilized and balanced. Video analysis will help you see where you need to improve, and you will be shown different drills to help improve your technique.

| The Ride |
We will look at your cycling technique, work on tempo and improve your full pedal
stroke power output.

| The Run |
We will take you to the track to work on cadence and form in order to increase
your efficiency and help reduce injuries.
Your coach will show you how to utilize various apps to help keep you on track in your training. We will also go over equipment needs, nutrition and race tactics.

Meet the coach!
Nan (2)Nancy grew up in Santa Cruz, CA and then moved to San Francisco where she attended the California Culinary Academy. During her cooking career of 10 years, she began to teach indoor cycling. She has been teaching since 2004. She

moved to Redding in 2010 and again, started teaching. She got her USA Triathlon Coaching Certification in 2011 and has been coaching since. She has successfully competed in and trained people in various distances from our own Sun Oaks Triathlite, to Spint, Olympic and Half Ironman distance races.  She spends her free time with her daughter an husband, John.





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