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Corporate Memberships

Providing an Employee Wellness program for your staff is an excellent way to invest in your company that yields return on an individual and corporate level. Call or email Taylor for more information.  (530)221-4405

Benefits include:

  • Higher employee productivity.
  • Builds internal office relationships and teamwork.
  • Up to 25% reduction of employee absenteeism due to health related issues and 32% less workers compensation expenses.
  • Less employee turnover.
  • Average rate of return between $3-$5 per $1 invested in wellness program. (Study by Chapman Institute)

“Sun Oaks has provided a place for my team to bond together outside of work while pursuing their healthiest selves. The Employee Wellness program keeps them engaged and more productive in their work as well.”

~ Chris Lamm of Commerce Mortgage

Why Sun Oaks? Sun Oaks offers services that meet the needs of your employees and their entire families. We are more than just a gym, we are a community where you can get recharged and stay healthy. We provide services to meet the needs of anyone interested in group fitness, strength training, swimming, athletic performance, tennis and more! Sun Oaks is able to help you no matter what season of life you are in and we will help you prepare for the next one too. Annual agreement for employee, or the employee and their family. The Sun Oaks Employee Wellness Plan can be built to the employer’s specifications. Most of our partners choose our 20/30 plan. 20 = $1 per workday or 30 = $1 per day

  • Employer pays entire membership cost.
  • Employer pays set amount toward membership cost.
  • Employer pays a percentage of membership cost.

Discounted Rates For any employer who partners with Sun Oaks for their employee’s health we offer discounted rates on the setup fee and monthly dues.