Sun Oaks Swim School | Redding Gym

Sun Oaks Swim School | Redding Gym

Fall & Winter 2021

session 1

September 6 – 30

SEssion 2

October 4 – 28

Session 3

November 1 – 18

SEssion 4

Nov 29 – Dec 16

session 5

Jan 10 – Feb 3

SEssion 6

Feb 7 – March 3

Swim Lessons for all Levels!

Parent Tot

6 months to 36 months

No experience needed. All children must use swim diaper.

Session Times




Age 2-3

Has little or no experience. 20 minute semi-private lesson. No parent in water.
All children must wear swim diapers.

Session Times

10:00-10:20am or 10:20-10:40am

10:00-10:20am or 10:20-10:40am

Level 1

Ages 3-5 – Little or no experience

Session Focus
o Aquatic comfort
o Breath control
o Pulling & kicking
o Floating and gliding
o Water safety

$80/member $90/non-member

Session Times

AM : 10:00-10:20 or 10:20-10:40
PM: 3:30-4:00, 4:00-4:30

AM : 10:00-10:20 or 10:20-10:40
PM: 3:30-4:00, 4:00-4:30, 5:30-6:00

Level 2

Ages 4-7 – Passed level 1 or can perform the following skills:

o Floats & kicks comfortably on front & back for 3 seconds

Session Focus

o Independent breaths in deep water

o Rolling from front to back

o Stroke technique: freestyle, backstroke & dolphin

o Deep water safety

$80/member $90/non-member

Session times

4:30-5:00, 5:30-6:00pm


Level 3

Ages 5 & Up Passed Level 2 or can perform the following skills:

o Comfortable swimming independently in deep water
o Freestyle and backstroke un-assisted for 10 yards

Session Focus
o Breath control & side-breathing
o Stroke technique: freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke, dolphin kick
o Endurance, dives and deep water safety

$80/member $90/non-member

Session Times




Ages 6-12 Passed Level 3 or can perform the following skills:

o Freestyle (with side breathing) and backstroke for 25 yards

fliSession Focus

o Swim team readiness

o Stroke technique: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly

o Endurance, dives and flip turns


$80/member $90/non-member

Session Times



Youth Swim Fit

Ages 10 and Up – Passed pre-team or can perform the following skills: 

o Freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke for 50 yards

Session Focus

o Endurance and fitness
o Set swimming & stroke technique
o High School swim team readiness.

T/Th @ 5:00-5:45

*$60/$70 session

Private Swim Lessons

Private Lessons:


$30/$40 – 1 x 20 min lesson

$100/$120 – 4 x 20 min lesson

$180/$210 –  8 x 20 min lesson



$25/$40 per child – 1 x 30 min lesson 

$80/$100 per child – 4 x 30 min lesson 

$125/$155 per child – 8 x 30 min lesson 

1st price for member. 2nd price for non-members

Email Angie to schedule private lessons. 

Parent & Me Special Needs

In this gentle, instructive class, parent & child will learn water safety skills to help your child progress in their personal swim journey. Each child will be instructed based on their skill.

Specific skills include:

*How to hold your child in the water while encouraging them to swim

*Breath control, cueing for breaths & guided submersions

*Floating, kicking & pulling

*Safe jumps & swimming back to the side

Email Angie Baker at with questions

Making a splash

Click the links below to check out what programs our staff has put together!


Mermaid School
Youth Aquatic Programs
Home Pool Lessons

8 x 30 minute classes:

$350 for 1 child
$250 for 2 kids
$225 for 3 kids
$200 for 4 kids
Email to book. 

about us

Sun Oaks Swim School offers many swim lesson options for your child to learn to swim. We are a year-round swim school, offering both group and private swim lessons for ages 6 months and up. We encourage students to start in the Parent & Tot setting, where young children learn to enjoy the water in the comfort of their parents arms. At age 2, we transition kids from swimming with their parents to swimming with an instructor in our Toddler Classes. Once kids are able to participate safely and calmly (usually at age 3) they can be part of Level 1 class. We have 3 Levels within our swim school. Our classes are small and offer plenty of attention for each child to progress. In Level 1, kids learn aquatic comfort and beginner skills – such as breath control, floating, kicking and pulling. In Level 2, kids learn independence in the deep water and are introduced to strokes. In level 3 – kids refine stokes, master side-breathing and build endurance. After passing Level 3, kids can move on to our Pre-Team class, which prepares kids for any competitive swim team in Redding. If kids are looking to swim for fitness, we offer a Lap Swim class, where kids learn to swim sets and sharpen stroke techniques. Email angie@sunoaks.comEncoded with questions regarding lessons


As a former competitive swimmer and father of small children I am very happy to endorse Angie Baker and the Sun Oaks swim program. I have seen dozens of coaches over the years and experienced many different coaching styles. Angie is the perfect fit for children learning to swim or trying to turn the corner to the next level. She understands the fundamentals of swimming, stroke technique and the critical aspect of interacting with young kids undertaking this sport/activity. We have the utmost confidence in her coaching and the care of our children.

Gary H.

Ms. Angie is a phenomenal swim teacher.  Our 4 year old, Willow, looks forward to each swim lesson and is acquiring skills quickly.  She is currently in level 2 and they are working with basic strokes and breathing techniques.  Ms. Angie is fun, enthusiastic and very talented with the children.  Her love of her job is evident every week.

Jill F.

My kids have taken a wide variety of classes throughout the years at the Sun Oaks Swim School. I love the flexibility and the wide variety of classes offered to meet the needs of my children and our schedule. We have done the parent and tot classes, the toddler classes, and other group level classes. We are always greeted with a smile. The instructors are highly skilled but most importantly, they are friendly, kind, and nurturing. I feel at ease knowing that my children are in great trusting hands learning swimming skills, in addition to learning about water safety, which is a top priority as a parent. My kids are confident swimmers thanks to the skills learned at the Sun Oaks Swim School. I am very grateful for Miss Angie, and the whole swim school program.”


Angie Baker

Angie Baker

Sun Oaks Swim School Director

Angie Baker was born and raised on the pool decks of Redding and swam competitively since she was 6. She has always had a love for aquatics and feels honored to share that passion with her Redding community. In 2003, Angie moved to Arcata for college; where she earned a B.S. in Kinesiology at Humboldt State University and met her husband, Joe (at the pool of course!).

While attending school, she worked as the Head Age Group Coach for the Humboldt Swim Club and a Swim Lessons Supervisor for the Arcata Community Pool.  From there, Angie interned as a P.E. Teacher at The International School Villa Amalienhof in Berlin, Germany. She and her husband then moved to San Diego in 2010; where Angie was the Head Coach for Coronado Navy Swim Association and had the opportunity to train swimmers for rough water races in the ocean.

After San Diego, she and her husband slowly made their way back north, from the Bay Area to Chico; where Angie continued coaching and teaching swimming. Angie and her husband moved to Redding in September of 2015 to settle down and raise a family. They have 2 “little fish” of their own, Che & Cam. Angie loves being part of the Sun Oaks family and is thrilled to bring her swimming expertise and enthusiasm to Redding.

Angie’s personal motto is, “Attitude is Everything,” and is a firm believer that, “Repetition is the Heartbeat of Learning.” Stop by and say hi to Angie on the pool deck!

Contact Angie at