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Group Fitness 


Group Blast, Group Fight, R30, Group Ride and Dance Fit  all offer heart pumping cardio workouts designed for all levels.


Group Power and Group Active give you opportunities to build muscle tone and increase overall strength



Our Group Ride, R30 and Freestyle Cycling workouts will each take you on different paths to get great looking legs.

Mind Body

Our group fitness yoga workouts offer a variety of practices to enhance both your mental and physical wellbeing.

Group Fitness Schedule Downloadable Pdf
Group Fitness in the COVID era - Policies and Procedures



In-house classes will be limited until social distancing guidelines allow expansion.

Sign-up using your Sun Oaks online account or your Sun Oaks app. 

You may sign-up 49 hours in advance. 

Do not sign-up for a class unless you plan to stay for the entire time, please do not leave early. 

To ensure your safety and the safety of others you will be required to wipe down your equipment and return it to the designated areas after class ends. 

Please enter the Group Fitness building through the north hallway door and exit through the east door at the front of the studio. 

Station locations are marked on the floor on a first come – first serve basis. 

No saving spots or setting up for others. 

Roll will be taken 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. 

Spots will be given away to those waiting at this time. 

No entry allowed once class starts. 


Reservations may be cancelled up to 2 hours prior to class. Any reservation cancelled less than 2 hours before class time subject to a $5 charge. 

There will be a $10 no show charge for each missed reservation. 

*For yoga classes bring your own mat. 


Can’t make it into the club? Workout from home with Mossa on demand!  Versions of your favorite group fitness classes in your home!

Workouts for all fitness levels

Group Power

Group Power combines traditional strength exercises with the hottest functional training moves to make you fitter and stronger. High-rep training, athletic movements, and a periodized training approach are key components of this results-driven workout. Add to this dynamic and motivational music and it simply is the most fun you’ll have strength training.

Group Blast

Group Blast is a great cardio alternative to walking, running, or stair climbing because you will do it all: walk, jog, run, jump, plyometrics, balance drills, lateral drills, and quickness drills – all on and off The STEP – to exciting energetic music. With the many exercise options and the adjustability of The STEP, intensity is easily managed so anyone, from new to exercise to an athlete in training, will feel successful.

Getting Started Sheet

Group Centergy

Group Centergy is a perfect way to improve balance, mobility, flexibility, and strength. It puts back all that we take out and really centers your energy. It’s ideal to be your workout of choice or add it once a week to your current workouts to reinvigorate the mind and body.

Getting Started Sheet

Group Ride

Get your Ride On with Group Ride®! This huge calorie burner builds great-looking legs! Group Ride is a 60-minute cycling experience brought indoors. Roll over hills, chase the pack, spin the ats, climb mountains, and sprint to the nish! Feel the thrill of energetic music and group dynamics as you get all the benets of authentic interval training. Ride On!

Group Active

Group Active® is a diverse one-hour workout that improves cardiovascular fitness, builds total-body strength, and enhances Movement Health for daily life. Inspiring music and professional coaching will ensure you succeed with a wide variety of innovative and athletic exercises using dumbbells, body weight, and The STEP®. ACTIVATE YOUR LIFE!


R30® will get you tter and feeling better in only 30 minutes. Inspiring music and motivating coaching will get you to burn calories,mprove muscular endurance, and build cardio tness as you ride with surges, short intervals, power, and end with a rush.

R30 Getting Started

Dance Fitness

Dance Fitness is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a tness party atmosphere. Many tracks are Latin American inspired, classes can also contain everything from jazz to African beats to country to hip-hop and pop.



Spend a blissful hour practicing the art of yoga. Enjoy a soothing environment designed to awake the beautiful power of your breath while improving exibility and joint mobility. Give back to your body and lift your mental spirit as we explore poses for all levels.

The Studio Yoga & Dance


Come enjoy this exciting workout that combines cardiovascular training with muscle toning techniques in the welcoming environment of the pool! Great music and fantastic teachers make anyone, of any age ready to dive right in. Enjoy not only the buoyancy of the water, but the enthusiasm as a group as a whole.


Move and improve! This class focuses on cardiovascular tness, exibility, coordination and strength. This workout will require getting down and up from the oor. Bring water, wear some sort of tennis shoe and comfy clothes.

Group Trainings

Check our TRIBE, Bootcamps and Specialty Programs to increase your success at the gym!

Your First Class is on Us

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