Tennis | Redding Gym

Tennis | Redding Gym

Sun Oaks Tennis

Adult tennis

Group Tennis

An adult, beginning level tennis class that teaches the fundamentals of tennis. Group Tennis meets Wednesday evenings at 7:30 and Saturday mornings at 10. All adult members are welcome, and racquets are provided. Included in your membership.


Sun Oaks participates in the following USTA league seasons: Adult Leagues, Combo Doubles, Fifty Mixed, Mixed and Seniors. Leagues are scheduled throughout the year. 

Drop in

The best way to meet new players, get a great workout and improve your game. All adult players are welcome to join at any time. If you are unsure of your level, contact the tennis department prior to your arrival. Clinics are 90 minutes and cost $12. Meet you on the courts!


Meet new friends and start your day with a tennis match. This is a rotating doubles format for all levels. Senior Drop-In meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 7am-9am.


Scattered throughout the year, these leagues are less competitive than USTA leagues, but designed to offer practice opportunities in a social atmosphere. Check the tennis bulletin board in the lobby for sign-ups.


Adult Tennis Calendar

Comptete at your level or learn to play. We have clinics and workouts for everyone


Cardio Tennis  6:00am-7:00am

Women’s 3.0 -3.5  Clinic 9 -10:30AM

Men’s 4.0/4.5 Clinic 6:00-7:30PM


Women’s Mixed -level Clinic 9:00-10:30AM

Mixed 3.5+ Clinic 6:00-7:30PM


Mixed 3.5  Clinic 9:00-10:30AM

Women’s 2.5 Clinic 6:00-7:30PM

FR E E Beginner Clinic Group Tennis 7:30-8:30


Cardio Tennis – 6:00-7:00am

Women’s 3.0/3.5 Clinic 6:00-7:30PM

Men’s 3.0 Clinic 7:30-9:00PM


Women’s 4.0/4.5 Clinic 10:30-12:00PM


Wake Up Your Weekend Clinic  Men/Women 3.0-4.0. 8:30-10:00AM

FR E E Beginner Clinic Group Tennis 10:00-11:00

Clinic Sessions

Clinics are instructional with focus on technique and tactics.

Players MUST be at level or above in order to participate.

Private Lessons

We offer half hour or hour private lessons for individual or groups. These lessons are a great way to spend some concentrated time with one of our teaching professionals working on a specific area of your game.

Call 221-4405 or email to book your lesson today!

Click here to print out the Adult Tennis Calendar

Adult Tennis 2020

Group Tennis

This is an introductory class where players will learn how to play tennis and get a workout too. This class will teach basic strokes, strategy, scoring and rules. This class is included with membership.

Wake-Up Your Weekend

Kick off you weekend with fun, friends and a great tennis workout!! This is a fast paced clinic where you will work on movement, shot selection and court strategy. Men & Women 3.0-4.0 Drop in format (partner not necessary and NO sign ups required) $12

Cardio Tennis
Future Stars

Ages 5-10. Players will learn foundational tennis strokes through fun filled activities from enthusiastic instructors who are well versed in the modern game of tennis. Learning tennis specics such as balance and hand eye coordination will establish correct patterns that will be helpful in tennis but also applicable to other sports.

Monday – Thursday 3:30-4:30pm Sat @ 10-11

Daily $10
3 Days/Wk $50 -Members   $60 – Non Members
5 Days/Wk $100 – Members  $110 – Non Members


Emerging Strikers

Ages 9-14. Players will be instructed in all strokes using progressions equipment and specic “tennis vocabulary”. This method is designed to help make advanced tennis strokes easy to learn. Players will learn scoring and basic strategies of play so they can ,move from hitting a tennis ball to game play. This is an ideal class for those interested in playing junior high school tennis and/or tournaments.

Monday – Thursday 3:30-4:30pm Sat @ 11-12

Daily $10 $10

3 Days/Wk  $60 – Member  $70 – Non Member

5 Days/Wk $110 – Member $120 – Non Member

Competitive Development

Advanced middle school players and intermediate high school players will learn the skills and tactical knowledge they need to become successful varsity high school platers. Drills, game scenarios and specic instruction suited to individual st yles will be the basis of these energetic and focused sessions.

Tues/Thurs 4:30-6:00pm Sat 12-1:30

Daily $15 -Members  $17 – Non Members

Session $135 – Members  $165 – Non Members

Elite and Team Training

Elite: Monday & Wednesday 4:30-6:00pm Saturday 2:30-4:00

Team: Monday – Thursday 4:30-6:00pm Saturday 2:30-4:00

Players in this level are committed, self-motivated, and actively competing in tournaments and match play. High intensity drills will improve match play strategy, mental skills, footwork, shot selection, tness and overall competitiveness. All players must be pre-approved by Head Tennis Pro,Steve Kinder, for this program.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons available with our staff.  Email for pricing and scheduling.  

Click here to print out the Junior Tennis Flyer

JT Spring 2020

Tournaments & Mixers

Join us for tournaments here at Sun Oaks or at our neighboring clubs.


  • 3-5th | Holiday Tennis Camp (Junior Event)

  • 2nd | Super Bowl Round Robin
  • 7th | Ladies 3.0 Mixer
  • 21st – 23rd |  Adult UTR
  • 28th | Men’s 3.0 Mixer

  • 20th-22nd | Doublin Doubles + Spring Singles


  • 17th-19th | Arcata Gen Gap Tournament
  • 24th – 26th | Roseburg Junior Tournament

  • 8th or 15th | Ladies Mixer
  • 29th-31st | Ashland Junior Tournament

  • 17th-19th | Arcata Gen Gap Tournament
  • 24th – 26th | Roseburg Junior Tournament


  • 4th | Firecracker Mixer
  • 17th-19th | Ashland Juniors UTR
  • 31st – Aug 2nd | Roseburg Gen Gap


  •  | Adult/Junior UTR
  • 8th-15th | Ascension Pro Tournament


  • 4th-6th | Gen Gap Tournament
  • 25th | Halloween Mixer  6-9

  •  | Club Championship Doubles Tournament

  •  | Holiday Clinic