Reservation Policies | Redding Gym

Reservation Policies | Redding Gym

Sun Oaks Tennis Court Reservation Policies

— All court reservations are made online using the member portal link below.

— All court reservations are allowed to be made up to 7 days in advance beginning at 7:00 a.m. everyday. 

— Members are allowed up to 5 reservations over any ‘rolling’ 7 day period.  Starting with the 6th reservation there is an automatic $15 reservation fee. 

— All court reservations must be cancelled more than 6 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee of $30 per reservation. 

— Sun Oaks management reserves the right to make changes to reservations based on many factors, including: special events, weather, problematic reservations, etc.

– A member is only allowed to make 1 reservation on the 1st day that courts open up(i.e. 1 week from day making reservations). A second reservation will be charged the $30 court fee at the discretion of Club Management. 

Outdoor Courts

— Outdoor court reservation lengths: 1 hour for singles, 2 hours doubles. 

— Courts 1 through 7 are outdoor courts, courts 8 through 10 are indoor courts. 

— Outdoor courts are allowed to be reserved by all members except those with ‘Basic Senior’ memberships. Guests are allowed to be placed on an outdoor court reservation by a member with the purchase of a guest pass. 

Indoor Courts

— Indoor court reservation lengths: 1 hour for singles, 1.5 hours for doubles. 

— Indoor Courts are only allowed to be reserved by members with ‘Indoor Tennis’ memberships. 

— Guests and non-Indoor Tennis members may be included on an indoor reservation: Members who are not ‘Indoor Tennis’ members must pay a $15 court fee for any reservation that they are included on. Guests must purchase a guest pass and pay the $15 court fee. Guests are also only allowed to be added to indoor reservations once each month. 

— Singles reservations must have 2 individuals, doubles must have 4. Ball machine reservations can be made with the second person as ‘Ball Machine’. 

— The ball machine can only be used on Court #2. 

Ball Machine

— Ball machine rentals are $10 per hour. 

— A one year ball machine pass can be purchased for $150 for and individual and $200 for an entire membership. 

Demo Racquets

— Demo racquets can be rented for $3 per use. 

— Demo racquets must remain on club property. 

— Month-long demo cards can be purchased for $25. This $25 goes toward the purchase of any new racquet from Sun Oaks(Limit 1 $25 credit per racquet).