Youth (8 & Up) | Redding Gym

Youth (8 & Up) | Redding Gym

Youth (8 and Up)

Check back for September Youth Events.   Hope everyone is having a great start to their school year!

Youth Events

We offer multiple youth events each month for kids 8-14 years.
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Youth Fitness

KidFit Orientation

Kids 5th through 8th grade must have an orientation and be with their parents to use fitness facilities.

Speed and Performance Youth Training

Speed & Performance: This high intensity program is designed to give all athletes at every level the tools and heart to achieve fitness and performance levels that they have always dreamed of. Sessions are built to incorporate speed, running techniques, explosion training and injury prevention as they grow and develop. These classes strengthen the athlete to promote physical and mental toughness, which are crucial components to an athlete’s success. All athletes from any sport are encouraged to join us for these tough and exciting workouts.

Register at class.

Contact Matthew Perdue –

Youth Activities

Youth Lobby

A fun place for your 8-13 year old to enjoy Atari games, music, board games, study area and art!

Monday – Friday before 3:30PM available upon request in Playhouse
Monday – Friday opened 3:30 – 8:00PM


Youth Activities (8 & Up)

Kid Fit –  Children in the 5th through 8th grade may workout in the weight and cardio rooms with their parents after an orientation with a Sun Oaks fitness trainer.  Cost is $20.  High school students are welcome to workout in the weight and cardio rooms.

Open Gym Basketball– The gym is open for activities any time there is not a class in progress.    Balls can be checked out at the front desk.  We also have an outdoor basketball hoop.

Tennis– Join in one of our clinics or teams.  Our programs help develop junior tennis players in a positive yet competitive atmosphere.  Whether you are a total beginner or a nationally ranked  tournament player our junior tennis program is for you.  We also offer private lessons year round.  See our tennis flyer for more details.