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Celebration Story – Karen Karnatz

I’ve been overweight all of my life, but when I hit the big 200 for the first time, I knew it was time to make a change. I had bounced around some; 170’s had been comfortable and 150’s meant I was doing well…but at 5’3, I was never what you would call fit and a size 12 was an acceptable medium.
The day I stepped on a scale and saw 200, I knew I was done letting weight gain happen to me, I was finally going to do something about it. I looked around for a place to start- what were the fit people doing? That was when I began to see running as something other than to be avoided; many runners appeared lean, so maybe there was something to it. Start up costs were cheap enough, just some shoes and some Gu (which I learned to love).
I found a couch to 5k podcast called Chubby Jones (warning, not for kids) and with the help of my headphones, I went from being able to run for a minute at a time to running for an entire 30 minutes. With all the running, moderate diet change and some whole food cleanses, I lost 50 lbs…and then I got pregnant and had my beautiful son.
The company I work for allows its employees to participate in a wellness program. If you agree to an annual health screen and to take certain steps to a healthier lifestyle, you get a credit on your medical plan. It was at my wellness screen in 2011 that I found out I was back at 200lbs. You could say I had just had a baby, but that was not an excuse I was willing to live with. For the second time, I was done letting weight gain happen to me and decided to take action. I got back into running,  reached out to friends that were runners who were all very supportive, pushing me when I needed it. I also joined a running club and the camaraderie  of the group helped to motivate me further.
I made some big goals and I accomplished them – in 2014 I was back down to the 150’s and completed a marathon – a seemingly impossible feat! How far I had come from who I used to be; inactive and unmotivated to make any physical changes. Now I could do anything!
So what was next? I had always admired strength and I now knew I could do the impossible…so why not try bodybuilding?
I have left 30 lbs amongst the free weights, cardio room and SCC at Sun Oaks, and I am grateful for the encouragement of the staff and the other early morning regulars. In just 9 months I again did the impossible; got up on a stage and showed off all of my hard work in a Women’s Figure competition.
Did I win? It depends on what that means to you. I could say I didn’t take home any trophies but I don’t think that is accurate – my transformation is my trophy. It took heart to do what I have done, mental fortitude and a willingness to push past any perceived physical limitations. I am a different person today than I was even a week ago, and I am forever grateful for the experience. The only question now is: what’s next?!
See you in the gym, fitness family!
-Karen Karnatz

Membership Team Challenge: Group Ride

January: Membership Team Challenge.

With the New Year, our membership team is taking on a new challenge: to try each Group Fitness class, TOGETHER. While we have all tried a majority of the class, there are still a few each of us have not experienced. The 8 Group Fitness classes we will be taking during the next 6 weeks are: Core, Blast, Kick, Ride, Centergy, R30, Active, and Power. Be on the lookout for your favorite membership trio to appear in your Group Fitness classes these next 6 weeks!

Group Ride

We decided to start with one of Dan’s all-time favorite activities: Cycling. Even though Jo was running a leg of The Redding Marathon the next day, 8am Group Ride on a Saturday morning sounded like the perfect kick-off to our challenge.

7:57am – Dan has already been spinning away getting ready for Group Ride for the last 15 minutes. Jo and I quickly snag bikes next to Dan in the back. Dan and Jo are Group Ride veterans, but I am what you would call a Group Ride virgin. I have done thirty minute cycling class here and there, but a near hour long cycling class would be a stretch.

Trying new things can be scary. Putting yourself out there feels risky. Series of questions race through your mind: What if I can’t complete the class? What if I can’t figure out what to do? What if I look silly?

But the feeling of accomplishment is unparalleled! Putting yourself out there and taking a risk is WORTH IT. Perhaps you learn: Well, that class wasn’t for me. Or you might just absolutely fall in love with something new! One of my favorite Celebration Stories is from a member who is now one of our cycling instructors. She decided to try something new and just GO FOR IT. You can read her story here. As for me, I found I actually enjoying being on a bike for longer than 30 minutes. It felt great to start my Saturday with sweat!

Take the risk. Go for it. Try something new! You might just surprise yourself.

Heather Haddleton | Assistant Manager