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April Yoga Series

April Yoga Series

Refresh your body and soul this spring.
Join us for 4 different ways to enhance your practice.

Foam Roller | Pilates | Aroma Yoga | Restorative

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April 8th – Foam Roller with Nancy – learn myofacial release using a foam roller.    $15

April 15th – Pilates and Stretch with Bianca – strengthen and stretch, increase your flexibility.   $10

April 22nd – Aroma Yoga with Missy – breathe in natural scents to enhance your yoga experience.   $12

April 29th – Restorative Yoga with Randy – use props and slower movement to get the most out of your poses.  $10 

Cresswell Physical Therapy Newsletter – January

Sun Oaks –  January 2018 

Cresswell Physical Therapy Newsletter



With the New Year upon us and our New Year’s resolution for self‑improvement in hand, ask any parent or child and their goal is to “do better”. As parents, we want to turn over a fresh leaf and support our children in moving toward independence in their day to day activities. Teachers also hope to take a fresh look at their classrooms and aim to motivate and develop independence in learning styles. Children seek turning over a new leaf and making new friends. All of us seek to learn and develop greater skill.

When we talk about learning and gaining skill by experiencing the world around us, we are really talking about the sensory system that perceives our world. The sensory system, perceives the gravitational pull of the earth’s surface and creates an innate drive for balance. This drive informs the muscle and joint system that allows the body to smoothly respond to different shifts in the center of gravity. The infant learns to roll, sit, crawl and stand by developing the sensory system.

We correct our balance while riding a bicycle by a small action of a specific muscle and joint system.  Sometimes, just tilting the head to the side is sufficient in overcoming any slight loss of balance when cycling around a curve. Cycling requires the integration of the sensory system with the muscular system.

If these two systems aren’t functioning properly, the brain will struggle to learn. They are foundational to learning, just as the sense of emotional and physical security.

Why do you enjoy yoga so much?  It’s because you’re continually challenging your center of gravity with the gravitational pull around you. Matching this and successfully balancing is associated with a positive emotional response.

The balance system  provides an overall calming response with a sense of emotional security. This may explain why taking a walk is so pleasant. Movement, exercise, sports, martial arts, yoga, dancing, and juggling all offer excellent opportunities for the movement system to stimulate and help facilitate brain functioning.

The unique learner that has difficulty sequencing, reasoning, and independently problem‑solving literally needs physical movement [often more beneficial than added homework] in order to facilitate effective thinking.

A more typical student may seem to respond well to practice, practice, practice. A unique learner seems to respond better to practice, movement, practice, movement.

Now you understand your unique learner better. Your New Year’s resolution of doing better is already achieved because doing better, for these children, requires a better understanding of their actions.

Now that you can judge their performance based on problem‑solving skills versus the standard metrics of speed of performance and accuracy of responses, you can support your unique learner’s growth by embedding movement as a part of the fuel necessary to grow the brain.

Learn more about your sensory system during your individualized physical and occupational therapy sessions.

Call us at (530) 244-7686. We have an office inside Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness as well as a clinic in downtown Redding. We accept most medical insurance.

Ya Wanna Yapana

Yoga Master Class for Members!
Experience a Yapana Yoga Class which includes smart and creative vinyasa flow to work up a sweat, steady and focused static poses to tone and build endurance, and restorative poses to stretch and de-stress. It’s the perfect combination of sweat, strength, and flexibility. Come one, come all! For questions, please email 


Coming February 2017!!

$20/Sun Oaks members

$25 non-members

Located at Sun Oaks Tennis & Fitness

Register at


Celebration Story – Karen Karnatz

I’ve been overweight all of my life, but when I hit the big 200 for the first time, I knew it was time to make a change. I had bounced around some; 170’s had been comfortable and 150’s meant I was doing well…but at 5’3, I was never what you would call fit and a size 12 was an acceptable medium.
The day I stepped on a scale and saw 200, I knew I was done letting weight gain happen to me, I was finally going to do something about it. I looked around for a place to start- what were the fit people doing? That was when I began to see running as something other than to be avoided; many runners appeared lean, so maybe there was something to it. Start up costs were cheap enough, just some shoes and some Gu (which I learned to love).
I found a couch to 5k podcast called Chubby Jones (warning, not for kids) and with the help of my headphones, I went from being able to run for a minute at a time to running for an entire 30 minutes. With all the running, moderate diet change and some whole food cleanses, I lost 50 lbs…and then I got pregnant and had my beautiful son.
The company I work for allows its employees to participate in a wellness program. If you agree to an annual health screen and to take certain steps to a healthier lifestyle, you get a credit on your medical plan. It was at my wellness screen in 2011 that I found out I was back at 200lbs. You could say I had just had a baby, but that was not an excuse I was willing to live with. For the second time, I was done letting weight gain happen to me and decided to take action. I got back into running,  reached out to friends that were runners who were all very supportive, pushing me when I needed it. I also joined a running club and the camaraderie  of the group helped to motivate me further.
I made some big goals and I accomplished them – in 2014 I was back down to the 150’s and completed a marathon – a seemingly impossible feat! How far I had come from who I used to be; inactive and unmotivated to make any physical changes. Now I could do anything!
So what was next? I had always admired strength and I now knew I could do the impossible…so why not try bodybuilding?
I have left 30 lbs amongst the free weights, cardio room and SCC at Sun Oaks, and I am grateful for the encouragement of the staff and the other early morning regulars. In just 9 months I again did the impossible; got up on a stage and showed off all of my hard work in a Women’s Figure competition.
Did I win? It depends on what that means to you. I could say I didn’t take home any trophies but I don’t think that is accurate – my transformation is my trophy. It took heart to do what I have done, mental fortitude and a willingness to push past any perceived physical limitations. I am a different person today than I was even a week ago, and I am forever grateful for the experience. The only question now is: what’s next?!
See you in the gym, fitness family!
-Karen Karnatz

Celebration Story

I recently completed Nancy Cardoso’s 1 day swim clinic at Sun Oaks and wanted to take this opportunity to share what an incredible impact it has had on my life. I have significant anxiety with swimming stemming from lifelong asthma and a fear of not being able to breathe while in the water. I participated in David Schauer’s Water WOD classes last summer. He was instrumental in teaching me the basics of freestyle swimming, but I certainly have a long way to go. I could not keep up in the class and often have to revert to a kick board. I signed up for Nancy’s clinic hoping I could be a more efficient swimmer and maybe overcome some of my fear in the water. Nancy went above and beyond what would be expected of a coach. She taught basic steps to learn a new technique that uses far less energy than just trying to madly kick and stroke to get to the other side of the pool. The class included all levels of swimmers from the most inexperienced (me) to avid swimmers. I thought she was able to meet the needs of each individual participant with patience. At one point, I became near paralyzed with fear at the thought of crossing 25 meters. Nancy pulled me aside and was able to help me get ahold of my emotions and fears. She swam right next to me, coaching and supporting me the entire time. She had confidence in me, when I could not have any in myself. Her encouragement and patience helped push me past that terrifying place that had kept me from swimming for so many years. I could not have broken through that place of fear without her persistence and encouragement. Since that class, I have returned to David’s Water WOD class. He has noticed a profound improvement in my technique. I have not had to rely on the kick board and David has been supportive in reinforcing the same techniques that Nancy taught me. I still have a long way to go before I can call myself a swimmer, but Nancy and David have given me all the tools to start. I strongly encourage anyone struggling with swimming anxiety or if they just want to improve their technique, to invest the time into Nancy’s swim clinic. I can honestly say that she, and the clinic, have changed my life.

Lynn HolmquistLynn Holmquist

Email Nancy today to schedule your 1-on-1 swim lesson!