Beer Garden - Wowza! | Redding Gym

Beer Garden - Wowza! | Redding Gym

Beer Garden – Wowza!

This is the perfect beer for someone who is worried about undoing the killer cardio workout they just had, but aren’t willing to sacrifice flavor! With only 100 calories and 4g of carbs this beer has less impact on your waistline than a Bud Light, but tastes like a rest day in the spa. According to Deschutes themselves, the Simcoe, Citra, and Cashmere hops bring out the orange and passionfruit flavors, while the Callista hops add tones of blackberry. 

What people are saying: 

“I like it. It’s not too strong, and I definitely taste the orange in it. I could drink this anytime!” 

“Has nice citrus flavor in the front, with a crisp malt backbone. The carbonation seems a little higher as well for a very bright mouthfeel. Definitely “crushable” as Descutes likes to say themselves.” 

Current Lineup

On Tap

Underground Mtn Brown by Founders

Tangerine Tornado by Heretic

Pale Ale by Sierra Nevada

Mighty Dry Cider Golden State

Longboard Lager by Kona

Wowza! by Deschutes

Citra Slam IPA by Revision

Coming soon: Mind Haze IPA by Firestone Walker

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