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COVID-19 Update

Dear Sun Oaks Community,

Our team is dedicated to offering the best experience we can while providing the safest and healthiest facilities possible.  

We constantly strive to make Sun Oaks a premier location to help families and individuals achieve their best life through HEALTH, HOPE and COMMUNITY.

As we are all facing concerns about the spread of COVID-19 our Sun Oaks staff has been working on solutions for our membership to follow all guidance from our county, state, and federal levels.  With constantly updated information and events we are doing our best to understand the landscape as it relates to our community.

This family of staff and members has been incredibly generous and resilient over the last few years. Horrendous fires in Trinity and Shasta counties brought out the best of our humanity, from housing folks, sharing our amenities and facilities for displaced families, and fundraising and housing. Donations for those affected were pulled off with swift and resolute alacrity.  We truly are a special people who live in a unique and beautiful place. We have a responsibility to continue our progress forward.  

Due to official directives we are enacting the following:

We are suspending all Group Fitness programs for the next 14 days. 

Both President Trump and the CDC requested Americans abstain from gatherings of 10 or more for this period of time, an attempt to significantly mitigate much of the potential damage from COVID-19. 

Sun Oaks will remain open for member use during this period unless regulators force our closure. 

Social distancing is recommended for all Americans during this period however, so we request that all members keep distances of 6 feet from one another while exercising or using equipment at the facility. 

Along with these policies we will continue to put extra time and energy into disinfecting and sanitizing the facility. We also request that members use safe hygiene practices, regularly using hand sanitizer and washing hands, while also abstaining from handshakes, high fives, or general usage of the facility if you are ill or showing symptoms of illness. 

Thank you for your dedication to both Sun Oaks and our greater local community in general. This is an extraordinarily difficult time that will take significant effort from all of us. We are beyond proud to be a part of a community that can stand strong in the face of such adversity. 


Jeremiah Walsh

Beer Garden – Wowza!

This is the perfect beer for someone who is worried about undoing the killer cardio workout they just had, but aren’t willing to sacrifice flavor! With only 100 calories and 4g of carbs this beer has less impact on your waistline than a Bud Light, but tastes like a rest day in the spa. According to Deschutes themselves, the Simcoe, Citra, and Cashmere hops bring out the orange and passionfruit flavors, while the Callista hops add tones of blackberry. 

What people are saying: 

“I like it. It’s not too strong, and I definitely taste the orange in it. I could drink this anytime!” 

“Has nice citrus flavor in the front, with a crisp malt backbone. The carbonation seems a little higher as well for a very bright mouthfeel. Definitely “crushable” as Descutes likes to say themselves.” 

Current Lineup

On Tap

Underground Mtn Brown by Founders

Tangerine Tornado by Heretic

Pale Ale by Sierra Nevada

Mighty Dry Cider Golden State

Longboard Lager by Kona

Wowza! by Deschutes

Citra Slam IPA by Revision

Coming soon: Mind Haze IPA by Firestone Walker

To Keto or not to Keto

It’s that time of the year.  Time to make a fresh push towards losing the Holiday weight, or simply a great time without distractions to focus on reaching a goal.

As you have no doubt been paying attention, a common phrase in the weight loss industry is “KETO”.  Keto, short for ketogenic diet, is a high fat – low carb diet, designed to put your body in a state of ketosis.

What exactly is ketosis?   

Ketosis is a metabolic process that occurs when the body begins to burn fat for energy, because it does not have enough carbohydrates to burn. During this process, the liver produces chemicals called ketones which the body will utilize in place of glucose.

Is the ketogenic diet effective? 

Without getting lost in the details, the science says that there is a net loss in calories when fat is converted to ketones.  In other words, stored body fat will be burned more quickly in a state of ketosis.

But does it actually work?  

The evidence does show that there is a statistical difference in the rate of weight loss between the ketogenic diet and other diets.

Why wouldn’t everybody do it?

First, the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet may have more to do with the fact that people experience a mild loss of appetite while in ketosis.  There are a number of possible reasons for this, including, a down regulation of metabolism by the body, the satiating qualities of fat, or simply that eating avocados and eggs can induce palate boredom or malaise.  

Second, the speed of weight-loss experienced while in ketosis is matched only by the speed of weight-gain after returning to a normal diet. 

Third, if there are any functional issues in the kidneys or liver, then ketosis could represent a potential burden for the body.  Also, special attention must be given to the intake of sufficient micronutrients if the diet continues for a long period of time.

Final thoughts.

The ketogenic diet is a proven dietary method for losing large amounts of weight, and for losing it rapidly; however, the diet must be viewed from the perspective of the end goal.  If the aim is to lose weight for a specific event without regard for putting the weight back on, then it can be effective. If you are looking to make permanent lifestyle changes and obtain a new standard of body mass, then a nutrition plan that effectively fits your life may be a better option. In either case, being well informed is always the best option.